I propose an Administrative assistance in all areas of everyday life.
You need assistance in your efforts in France.

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I offer administrative assistance to all your steps: finding Accommodation, approaches Prefecture, to taxes.
Check and make the opening of your rights to the « social security. » Search complémentary health for your needs.

Whether you are on work placement, or for training, work in France; you need help and assistance in understanding and filling out forms.
Enroll your children in a school

You live in France and you need help to renew your residence permit.

If you are European or Switzerland, you do not need a residence permit to live in France, but you can make the request. This rule also applies to you if you are Croatian. The card issued the first 5 years of your stay bears the EU statement.


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Documents required
The documents required vary according to the category to which you belong: worker, student or inactive.
They are identical to the first card application and renewal, except in the case of an application for a right of permanent residence (after 5 years of legal residence).Pending the investigation of your application, you receive a receipt.

Foreign employees when they are in a regular situation, should, without discrimination, enjoy the same rights as French employees: equal pay for equal work, holiday entitlement, entitlement to unemployment insurance, retirement, etc.
Nationals of countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation covered by specific provisions.

Application and renewal of residence permits
Steps with the authorities
Assistance in completing forms
Referral to a lawyer if difficulties in asserting your rights

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Droit des étrangers

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